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Jupiter is Retrograde hence will behave as if in the 2nd house , hence from 1st March to 6th March Rahu will come in the 6th house from 14th July Jupiter after 6th March other planets will be favour in the coming months. In transit for Aries Moon sign Saturn aspecting Transit Jupiter after 17th June will again indicate some hurdles more so after 16th July , when Saturn becomes direct.

Jupiter at the moment in the Nak. It will cross the retrogression degrees of Transit Saturn has 3 Bindoos in Libra , At the. Mercury and Sun will also have 5 bindoos each. Hence the chances of Arvind coming in the limlight and coming out in flying colors isa strong possibility.

Precautions for the native since the 7th lord and DaraKarka is deblitated , he has to avoid Partnerships of any kind and keep a strong gaurd from the insiders who may prove Traiters. As per this chart also Transit of Mars in the 8th house from 4th Feb. Placement of the Lagna lord and 10th lord in the 4th house and having exchange with 4th and 7th Lord will be good specially when Jupiter becomes direct after 6th March and takes up it journey fer its exaltation sign to reach Cancer sign on the 14th June , I had also Predicted his Thumping Success for the assembly elections in Delhi as per the chart of the 4th Dec.

Read Free For 30 Days. Description: Mars will ingress in Libra for 49 days on the 4th Feb. According to me his chart indicates that though he may have obstructions and hurdles , his dasha of Jupiter-Mercury and Jupiter-Ketu will bear fruits for him and take him in a higher orbit of Career and he may come out with flying colors in the General Elections and may become the King maker for the Political scenerio in the country.

ThePlanets Jupiter and Mercury are forming a strong rajyoga in the Lagna and the Dreshkanne chart which I consider as the most important chart as it depicts the Poorva Punya Balam and fructification of the Previous Janma Karma in this Janma. Flag for inappropriate content. For Later. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Prostitutes-And-Adultery in Jyotish and Astrology.

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Arvind Kejriwal : Talk of the Town posted on 4th feb. As Per Daily Progression yearly Horoscope for the year August to August ,The sign rising in the Lagna is virgo the 2nd house of the birth chart. Anonymous gffNBRx. Anonymous KpVxNXs. Salvador Baquero. Kashyap Kanhaiya. Yadwinder Singh. Toby Robles.


Srikanth Vankamamidi. Fernando Luis Ortiz. Nutan Karamcheti.

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Enigmatic Paksha Kundali of 22nd December 2. Popular in Applied Science. Toddy Samuel. Kushal Panchal.

M Del Mar Rosa. Tak They. Ahmed Ridwan Oladotun. Mohammad Twaha Jaumbocus.

Chi-Hao Lo. Asif Hameed. Yul Lope. Luca Michelini. Erick Gomez Cueva. Emily Presswood. Such planetary disposition, as in above horoscope, usually generates delay and obstructions in professional career; while, the reality is absolutely different and opposite. The debilitation of Mars lord of seventh and twelfth houses is not only indicative of delay in marriage; but, is also showing problems in post marital life, which is not matching with the apparent and available information about his family and marital life.

On the contrary, the support of his wife and family has been found to be quite strong to enable him take the strong and challenging decisions. The physical attributes of Arvind Kejriwal are also not having reasonable match with the planetary disposition of his horoscope, specifically the Lagna Chart. This would have generated strong or muscular build with round face; and, at least not the actual physique short and slim. Thus , the horoscope based upon these birth details 16 August at PM in Hissar, India is very unlikely to be the correct horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal; and, those learned friends, who are using these details to analyze and predict for Arvind Kejriwal, should give another thought to it.

One farfetched possibility could be that the birth date of 16 June should be tested with the birth time of PM as per which Arvind Kejriwal is born in Aquarius Ascendant Kumbha Lagna ; and, his Lagna Chart is as under:. As per this Lagna Chart, the first house is ruled by Saturn, which is joined by Rahu in second house of the Lagna Chart. Moon, the lord of sixth house, is occupying the first house and having mutual aspect relationship with Jupiter lord of second and eleventh houses and occupying seventh house.

The tenth house is, now, ruled by the Mars, which is well disposed in fifth house along with the Sun, Mercury and Venus.

Being too close to the Sun; the Mars, Mercury and Venus are combust and, therefore, losing upon their potency to generate results. However, some good advantage of the placement as well as of the auspicious union of the supportive planets for Kumbha Lagna may still be expected to generate similar results like education in the engineering field as well as getting success in civil services. And, during Mahadasa of Lagna lord Saturn and Antardasa of Yogakaraka Venus which is well placed in fifth house and having union with tenth lord Mars as well as with fifth lord Mercury and seventh lord Sun , such results can be expected.

Kejriwal, Arvind

Besides, this is also supportive and indicative for inclination towards politics. The good placements of second, fourth, ninth and tenth houses lords in his Lagna Chart are also supportive for family and as per the available information, Arvind Kejriwal is having a reasonably secured family back ground. Gita Devi are not only well known in Haryana; they are also financially strong, well educated and kind hearted. In addition to this, some other facts and information are also being supported by this prospective and possible horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal.

The Navamsha Chart of Arvind Kejriwal is also strong and supportive with most of the information and events. On comparative note too, the matching of this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal based upon 16 June is far better against the horoscope based upon prevailing birth details 16 August at PM in Hissar, India. And, despite it being a farfetched one; I think, I can try considering this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal for analyzing and assessing the future probabilities of his political career.

If any of the avid reader is having some additional information about birth details of Arvind Kejriwal; please do share. How will be the political career of Arvind Kejriwal? As per this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal; his political career is looking quite bright and promising. And, some glimpse of this strong impact of Arvind Kejriwal horoscope is likely to be evident during forthcoming state assembly elections of Delhi scheduled to be held in first week of December It may be a bit difficult to say if he is going to win the election as such I am not having the horoscope of his political competitors namely Smt.

Sheila Dikshit ; but, if this assessment of mine is correct i. And, those trying to take him lightly may get some strong setbacks. Only requirement is that my assessment of his prospective birth date 16 June turns out to be correct; which I personally feel reasonably accurate and am also keeping my fingers crossed.