February 26 sagittarius daily horoscope

Your daily horoscope: February 26

Romance will be emotional today. This is why you might feel possessive about someone. You will also feel protective and nurturing toward others because the Moon is always overprotective. You need some privacy and a chance to contemplate your navel. You might also see how habits that you have are controlled by your past conditioning. This is always an eye opener.

When talking to others, you want to get down to the nitty-gritty of things. Ironically, talking about the weather used to be superficial — but not anymore! You might have strong emotional feelings about something that you own or something that someone else owns because money and possessions mean more to you today.

You might have to defend yourself where you really have nothing at stake. Weird but it happens. You feel a strong need to belong to others today or to feel a bond with loved ones. Your Spidey sense is heightened, which makes you sensitive to the moods and feelings of others.

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On another note — your luck is a tiny bit better today. You might not feel like socializing because you want a chance to breathe freely. Mystical and spiritual disciplines will intrigue you. Your contact with your friends is important today. You might see your friends or not but this realization will dawn on you.

You will also feel more protective and supportive to a friend than you usually do. Today is not acceptable for vanity, pessimism, greed, or an aggressive attitude towards the world.

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One has only to want, and this day will give several straight and level roads leading to personal happiness and financial prosperity. Catch signs of Fate and refrain from whimsical spirit. Also, do not forget about your state of health. Some Taurus on February 26 will have to look for an answer to their questions related to personal relationships.

It is possible that you will have doubts about the sincerity of someone close to you. You may also make your partner jealous or feel indifference from a long-time friend. As for your profession and financial affairs, you will feel a stable environment. Tuesday is well suited for finding a more promising job, starting new ideas, and creative self-development. Gemini on this day may be lucky in the field of finance.

You have a high probability of making a decent profit in an adventurous way. It is important for you that all adventurous undertakings do not push you to violate the law. Another downfall of this day can be an unbalanced diet. If you have a snack on the go or abuse substandard products, you can "earn" indigestion. Do not skimp on nutrition and on your body. For many Cancers, this day will consist of numerous meetings.

You will probably have to communicate even with those people whom, in the past, were wary and unfriendly. Tuesday is great for business negotiations or financial transactions. Some Cancers may have a desire to master a new business today.


Nothing particularly important will happen in your senses today, probably. True, slight disagreements within your marriage are not excluded. Leos are encouraged to devote February 26 to solving bureaucratic issues. You have every chance to get the necessary permissions from an authority to quickly recover a lost document or eliminate other kinds of problems.

This day is not suitable for personal reformation. Refrain from corrective dialogues, do not ask a provocative question head-on, and do not put pressure people in your environment.

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Any purchases are welcome especially household items. For Virgos, the likelihood of injuries and bruises increases today. Take into account this prediction and exercise extreme caution in the process of your vital activity. Tuesday promises to hold exciting events for singles. You can expect interesting meetings and a lot of coquetry with people of the opposite sex. It is possible that a former partner will appear with a request to make everything the way it used to be.

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This day is not the best way to start a struggle with a bad habit or a severe diet. Libras on this day can make a new goal. This could probably be something intangible. A dream of a new novel or friendship with a media person may arise.

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Some Libras will decide to eliminate a long dispute or to cajole the parents of their relationship partners. Also in the list of today's affairs, you are susceptible to a financial kind of question. Large expenditures aimed at the purchase of vital goods are likely to happen. Scorpios, today you should not be in too much of a hurry, eliminating a rushed job.

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