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Click on the zodiac signs below to discover their powerful traits and secrets. Unseen forces are affecting your daily life!

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Reveal them a free reading now. Each of the zodiac signs is ruled by an element: water, fire, earth, or air. Each of the elements is characterized by different strengths and tendencies. But how each star sign is affected by its element is unique to that sign. You can read all about which element you are, and what it means for you, here.

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Every sign of the zodiac is attached to a quality: cardinal, mutable, or fixed. The qualities play uniquely essential roles in the world, and it's good to have a balance of them on any team.

Find out all about the qualities of the zodiac, and what your star sign says about you, here. Scorpio: October 23 - Nov.

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A Water sign, ruled by Pluto.. Sagittarius: Nov. A Fire sign, ruled by Jupiter..


Zodiac signs – dates and meanings

Capricorn: Dec. An Earth sign, ruled by Saturn Aquarius: Jan. An Air sign, ruled by Uranus Pisces: Feb. A Water sign, ruled by Neptune All rights reserved. Privacy policy and terms of use.

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