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Overreach or shyness prohibits progress with our loved ones. Healing old wounds and new relationships cleanses our perspective on life. From the 13 th to the 19 th the past is another country; its inhabitants are strangers to us. Still, we receive invaluable wisdom from our history. Straightening out misunderstandings is not so important, but learning what to do and what to avoid is. We have what we need; timing is essential to bring success.

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Eliminate unnecessary stuff from the environment. This same tactic helps with our emotional and mental life. From the 27 th to the 31 st our enthusiasm can be overwhelming. Taking time to listen shows where our minds have hardened into untenable positions. Others hold the key to change. Mental transformation lifts our emotional life.

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Making do with what we already have conflicts with the desire to try something new. Otherwise a fresh acquisition may be the way to go. Our natural inclination is to go for what is easy. Why not? Communication can be fun and lighthearted as long as we choose our subject matter. Artistic and creative pursuits can gain our attention. Innovative ideas abound; some are even good; anything deviating from the norm requires quiet self-isolating attention if it is to see the light of day.

However, we have received new information relating to old projects; this material also needs to simmer for a while longer. Dreaming of a better life is good enough for now. If the urge to act is overwhelming, take some notes. Self-analysis is worthwhile. After reflection, some sharing can increase comprehension of our real situation. Success comes through recognizing, then attending to, what really matters. Gluttony at all levels can be our enemy. Knowing when we have enough on our plate is a virtue. All types of relationships can receive a refreshing boost simply by putting ourselves forward.

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But knowing the difference between fact and fiction lets us know where to plant our feet. We can be entertained, suspend judgment, and have a bloody good time without believing Tinker Bell is real. Should we fly away into fantasy or attack basic problems? We can forget the rest. We find solutions to long standing problems when we just give them another go.

Drudgery turns into spontaneous fun when we make consistent effort. When the work is done there is still time to play.

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A war is being waged between our common sense and our higher guidance. It takes guts to hold onto what we know is right when it seems untenable. Meditation and contemplation can bring us inner peace.

Draw a circle of protection, call in blessings…

At the same time, we have plenty to keep us busy in our own lives. Finding our place means doing our own job well and ignoring the rest. Still we all have concerns for our fellow human beings. A new burst of energy inspires beneficial conversations with our closest coworkers and family members. We move forward with ease, once we get going. However, once in motion with our true purpose, much is accomplished.

Staying in conversation flattens out differences and puts real issues in context. We have some decisions to make. To be effective, pick a course of action and stick to it. We should feel lucky. If we have done our homework, the minor disruptions and little errors made along the way are nothing to worry about. Netvibes Widgets Now Cross-Platform. Gemini - Live Life Love Life. Free Dasamsa Chart Prediction. Astrological sign - Wikipedia. Mayan Majix - Mayan Astrology. Hindu Calendar en App Store.

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Planetary Hours Calculator. Aztec astrology calculator. December 11 zodiac personality. Persian calendar Device showing signs of Zodiac. Aquarius stock images - keyword analysis for popular searches. Cancer Horoscope Today - Astrology com. Sports Calendar Highlands News-Sun yoursun com. Taurus rules money as well, so we may be seeing an upheaval in financial systems in the next 7 years.

Perhaps cryptocurrencies will continue to rise, and countries will either abandon or reinstate the gold standard. China is beginning to rise as a major economic power. They are currently leading the world on infrastructure development to ensure future trade.

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Does this affect you? If you are a Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio or Leo, this will affect you. Uranus will spend 7 years passing through Taurus and it will aspect your Sun at some point.

Taurus August Astrology & Eclipses JOY & LAUGHTER Will Move Mountains, Celebrate!

Use this to find out: How To Use Astro. If this DOES affect you, what should you do about it? Uranus in Taurus is bound to bring upsets. Issues around security, both financial and relational, may be at the forefront of this 7-year transit. A Uranus transit can also bring restlessness and a desire for change, along with the tendency to break out of boxes you may feel stuck in. You may want to experiment with how you relate to food or money. Perhaps a new diet will appeal or you may find more innovative and individualized ways to make money.

You may also be drawn to ways of eating that are abstract in their relation to the earth and your body, such as drinking a meal replacement like Soylent instead of actually eating nutritional food, or lab grown meat versus the flesh of an animal.